Maniac Magee

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Maniac Magee By Jerry Spinelli This Book is about a kid name Jerry Lionel Magee.

He has a mother and a father but one day they go to a place that Magee wish they never went to. When his parents come back from the road. On the bus they have an accident and die. Then Maniac Magee has to live with his Aunt Dot and his Uncle Dan. His aunt and uncle are always fighting.

Maniac Magee gets tried of this that he runs way. Then he goes to the East side. The East side is all African American people live there. Maniac doesn't see that they are a different color then him. So, he meets this girl name Amanda Beale. Maniac or Jerry he changes his name after he ran away.

Anyhow he meets Amanda Beale when he ran way he is on the East side of town. All the children are going to school and he runs into her.

Then he thinks she is also running away so he asks her if she is. But she looks and him and starts laughing she tells him no I am going to school. Then he tells her then why do u have a briefcase with you. She said because I have a little brothers and sister and a dog.

My sister and brother bite on anything they can get their hands to and my dog look to destroy everything. So then she tells him she has to go and he asks her what is in it she tells him books and leaves. Then he tells her if he can barrow a book she says no then yes. So he gets to barrow a book she asks him how she is going to get it back he said he will pass...