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Margaret Thatcher was the daughter of a small-town grocer who rose to become Britain's first woman prime minister. She was called the iron lady for being so strong. She was a very serious minded girl when she was young. Margaret liked to do her level best at everything that she tried. She loved to win. She was not shy at all. When she was nine years old, she won a poetry-reading contest at her elementary school. Her principal congratulated her and said she was lucky. Margaret responded, " I wasn't lucky, I deserved it." All together, you may understand that she is very determined.

When she was around her teens, she played hockey so well that she became the youngest captain the school team had ever had. She was very careful, studious, and competitive. School had been her favorite thing to be busy with and she had done so well that she was accepted to Oxford.

Oxford was one of the world's greatest, and most prestigious and powerful universities. Afterwards she graduated and went to work as a research chemist at a plastics manufacturing company in Essex. Soon she began attending local conservative parties. For all of her hard work, they elected her to run for a seat in the House of Commons as a candidate. She was an amazing woman to be trying so hard at such a young age, she was the youngest woman in Great Britain, she was twenty-three. When Margaret had met Denis Thatcher, a businessman who was ten years older then her and divorced, they became great friends, then a year later they got married.

From all her interests in law, she started to study it. After a load of hard work, she put her hands on being junior minister. Junior minister is a...