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Jesse Young

ENC 1101

Dr. Moreau

Proposal Essay

A Simple Solution

There is a large and ridiculous dilemma in the state of Florida and it needs to be acted upon immediately. For decades marijuana has remained illegal whereas cigarettes are still readily available to the public. For me and many others, the decision to keep deadly cigarettes on the shelf and to prolong the prohibition of an extremely beneficial plant is unjust and appalling. Throughout their lifespan cigarettes have caused destruction to all of its consumers and are responsible for 1,215 deaths a day according to the American Cancer Society. Cannabis has been looked to by many as a relief from various illnesses, yet the ban on it leaves its would-be users forced to swallow down pills that leave them with horrible side effects. That being said I believe a proposition to make cigarettes illegal and marijuana legal is smart and reasonable.

To get the ball rolling, we must push for the veto of cigarettes. We could achieve this by composing a petition and spreading them statewide to get people on board. With enough signatures and a solid argument we may be able to spark something in the legislative office. Once this is achieved marijuana will be looked to as an alternative to cigs and that's just what Florida needs. We then would need to fight for an appeal on the outlaw of cannabis, and with it becoming more and more acceptable that battle might be an easy one.

Continuing on, if cigs were made illegal and marijuana was just another product on the market we would see a dramatic change in life. By cutting law enforcement costs and receiving the revenue that would be gained by taxing marijuana sales, the legalization of marijuana would save U.S. taxpayers $41.8...