Mark 8:34-9:1 catholicism

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MARK 8:34- 9:1

I would definitely consider myself as a follower of Christ and a Christian. This is because I have gone to a Catholic school for all my life and have enjoyed it. A true Christian holds on to stories in the bible as if it was their own life and stays true to its teachings. Some Christians that are truly strong believers and want to take their faith to a higher level become part of the church and devote their life to God. Although I am not as extreme as others in my faith, I take my beliefs with me and consider myself a true Christian.

This passage shows me that the path you take may help you discover new things or to never realize who and what Christ really was. It is important to realize that God has a chosen path of life and we should follow it.

Many people would die for Christ and sometimes that is the sacrifice we must take for our faith. After all, Jesus did die for us, we should be willing to commit ourselves to him. This passage showed me that some people gave their lives for Jesus, they didn=t even know that he was to be the start of a major religion. All his followers knew was that he taught others and preached the gospels. Now we know that he was a wonderful person and performed amazing miracles, he gave his life for us so we should devote ourselves to him.

This teaching is counter cultural because some cultures wouldn=t accept the message for their own religious beliefs or their ancient stories. Some cultures don=t believe in Christ and others that do, may not agree with this passage. Some may not agree that we should die...