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Mark Twain's Two-Day Visit Mark Twain appeared last night at my soccer game. I was so surprised. I was at my game and it was half time and after the break coach called us to tell us the positions we needed to play. When I ran to my position I was watching my mom and all of the sudden Mark Twain appeared behind my mom. For some reason no one else noticed the olden day dressed man. I was the only one who saw him. I wanted to forget about what I saw but I just couldn't erase it from my mind. During the whole soccer game I couldn't pay attention. The game was finally over and I was glad that I was goalie because the defense was rally good on my team and the ball never got near the net so I never had to do anything. When I was walking to my mom I saw Mark twain behind me.

I told my mom to keep going and that I would meet her at the car. I started talking to Mark Twain and he is really cool! I would always love talking to him but my parents thought I was nut because they couldn't see him and they thought that I was talking to my self. I showed Mark Twain my house and gave him a grand tour. He was so fascinated by everything because in the olden days they had nothing like this. The two things he wouldn't get away from it the Television set and the refrigerator.

The next afternoon I took him out for lunch and we went to Burger King. He thought the food was weird and he didn't want to eat it but he was starving so he gave up and took a bite and he loved it. I showed him my computer when we got home from Burger King and he loved it. Then he wanted to know what I was playing the other night. I told him it was a spory called soccer. He wanted to play it so I taught him how to play. Boy, was he a natural! That night I found a book called Tom Sawyer on my desk. I opened it up and I found a note: