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Michael Rezk

Professor S.T. Scott

Marketing 1

Assignment 1

Due Feb 20th, 2013

LO1: Define personal selling and define its unique characteristics as a marketing communications tool?

Ans: Personal selling is where businesses use people to sell the product after meeting face-to-face with the customer. Personal selling is flexible and has many characteristics. For instance, the sales person can answer and overcome objection and focus on points of customer interests. Also, it builds relationships in the form of ensuring that buyers receive the appropriate service. Moreover, direct feedback, in this form of communication, the sender can directly gauge the feedback from the receiver. Direct feedback will allow the sender to know how well the message is being communicated.

LO2: Distinguish between transaction-focused traditional selling and trust-based relationship selling, with the lettering focusing on customer values and sales dialogue?

Ans: The typical skills required in Transaction-focused traditional selling are selling skills, finding prospects, making sales presentations.

On the hand, the typical skills required in and trust-based relationship selling is selling skills, information gathering, listening and questioning, strategic problem solving and creating and demonstrating unique valued added solution. The primary focus for transaction-focused traditional selling is the sales person and the selling firm while the primary focus for trust-based relationship selling is the customer and the customer's customers. Desired outcomes for transaction-focused traditional are closed sales and order volume, but trust-based relationship selling desired outcomes are trust, joining planning, mutual benefits, and enhance profits.. The importance of sales dialogue, it allows for more inclusive qualifying. It also helps determine prospective customer's unique needs and promotes open communications and feedback.

LO3: Describe the evolution of personal selling from ancient times to the modern era?

Ans: In the 1800s, at the beginning of the industrial revolution, the personal selling was the form of...