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SWOT, PESTEL, Porter's 5 Forces and Value Chain

Company Overview

Bloomberg L.P is a business news corporation based in the United States of America.

The company headquarters are located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City. It was

founded by Michael Bloomberg in 1982 with his business partners Duncan

MacMillan, Merrill Lynch and Thomas Secunda (Bloomberg, 2010). The company

runs a business news agency, radio station, website and a business TV channel and

prints a business newspaper named Businessweek. It provides financial services, asset

management services and stock exchange updates to its subscribers, viewers and

associated financial institutes. It holds around one third of the international financial

data market. Bloomberg is a private company and does not show its profit and

revenue statement publically. However, in 2009, Bloomberg L.P received $6.25

billion revenue from this $16 billion financial industry (The New York Times, 2009).

Since the 1990s, Bloomberg has secured a strong position in Wall Street due to its fast

and authentic messaging services informing investors about the securities' prices and

market trends. The Wall Street investment gurus consider Bloomberg's stock market

graphs before investing in any portfolio or long-term financial products. The company

generates more than 85 per cent of its revenues from in-depth financial analysis

articles, for which it charges $20,000 per year from its subscriptions (The New York

Times, 2009). Its total number of subscribers is 310,000 worldwide. Furthermore, its

total number of employees is 15,000 in 192 different locations, making it one of the

largest privately owned companies in the US (Bloomberg Press Room, 2012). It

keeps updating its services, adds more services in its portfolio to better maintain its

market position and attracts more customers to extend business (Roberts, 2012).


PESTEL Analysis

PESTEL (Political, Economic, Social,

Technological, Environmental and Legal)

analysis is a business...