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Micro GuitarsExecutive SummaryFido is the brand of digital wireless services offered by Micro Guitars., the only major provider of telecommunications services in Canada dedicated solely to wireless. Fido offers PCS and wireless data services on its GSM/GPRS network."Micro Guitarsl is the only telecommunications operator in Canada devoted exclusively to wireless activities. We believe our integrated focus gives us an edge, allowing us to quickly adapt to the ongoing evolution of wireless communications technology, and to the evolving needs of our customers. Our Personal Communications Services have brought a revolution in pricing, services and technology to the wireless marketplace. They incorporate our GSM (Global System for Mobile communications) wireless network and provide our PCS voice and GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) data offerings under the well-known Fido brand name. Since its introduction, Fido has signed on over a million customers faster than any other wireless company in Canada. Providing a multitude of voice, data and messaging services to both personal and business customers, Fido has largely contributed to changing the way Canadians view and use wireless communications today.

Our Wireless Internet activities aim to open up a new dimension in wireless communications. Through our Inukshuk Internet Inc. subsidiary, we have a unique twin mission: to connect Canadians over a wireless, high-speed broadband network, and to lead the development of new on-line learning initiatives. Inukshuk's ultimate mission is to become Canada's premier provider of broadband Internet services."Company DescriptionMicro Guitars consist of good managers who possess the skills of planning, controlling and forecasting. To fulfill the basic requirements of planning, controlling and forecasting a manager has to take the help of many tools, In this modern world competition amongst the organizations is on the rise, therefore the organizational authorities should try to implement suitable methodologies in order to keep up with the requirements...