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1. Executive summary

This is a market plan for the high-tech color TV, namely, Plasma-Display-Panel (PDP) TV of TCL Corporation. The purpose of this marketing plan is to plan for how to increase existing market share and profit. This will be done through more focus on existing market segments, marketing orientation approach and future strategies.

This plan includes ten parts. They respectively are corporation background, situational audit, SWOT analysis, objectives, strategies, actions program, controls, contingency plans, and a short conclusion. To increase the market share and profit, TCL is advised to expand existing market segments and add new products with warranty to attract more customers. More effort in different marketing mix strategies, are suggested to improve TCL. To summarize the plan, several vital points should be highlighted, namely, (1) the environment features influence corporation developing. (2) The aspects of SWOT should be paid more attention while the firm tends to expand.

(3) The proper strategies are the warranty to facilitate the company.

2. Corporate background

TCL Corporation is a comprehensive large-scale state owned enterprise, established in Shenzhen city, Guangdong province in 1981. The chairman of the Board and President is Mr. Li Dongsheng. TCL is well known from home to abroad, and has developed in many areas such as Multimedia electronics, Home Electronics appliances, Telecommunication Equipment, Information Components, and Electronics Components. Mainly, it provides TV, refrigerator, mobile, VCD & DVD to the market.

TCL is the biggest color TV manufacturer in China, which holds about 24 percent of market shares in China in 2002. Meanwhile, TCL Group had total sales of RMB 31.9 billion and export revenues came to US$1.16 billion. TCL also generated a profit of RMB 1.5 billion in 2002, and paid RMB 1.9 billion in taxes. Through 10-year's relentless efforts and taking the leading position...