Marketing Huffman Trucking Gap Analysis

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Gap Analysis: Huffman Trucking

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Gap Analysis: Huffman Trucking

The market place is very competitive. A marketing strategy that consistently produces growth is critical for any business. To develop a marketing strategy without having the resources or expertise to implement the strategy is useless. The CEO of Huffman Trucking desires a marketing strategy that is customer centric. Craig Bailey author of Finding The Customer's Voice describes what customer centric is by saying, "Being customer centric requires that a business understands the customers' needs, set expectations about what can or cannot be done, provide alternatives if a customer's exact request cannot be accommodated and then meet or exceed those expectations ( Finding, 2004).

Huffman Trucking is a trucking company in the services industry. Over the past several years Huffman has seen little growth within the company.

Although they are a recognized company, they are not the top company and it is the CEO, Phil Huffman's' goal to become number one. Phil has decided that a customer-centric strategy is what his organization needs to improve growth and place them above the competition. The company is also experiencing communication problems with management. Pertinent information is currently being misconstrued among employees and marketing managers. Employees need to communicate effectively in the work place. Failure to work in a team environment can cause serious problems for the entire organization. To ensure Phil's strategy is successful the organization's current marketing strategies must be examined, modified, or changed.

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

In the trucking industry, there is a lack of a marketing focus. This could beneficial to Huffman trucking by giving them the opportunity to set precedence in the industry. Developing a strong...