Marketing Management

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Marketing Management


Assignment 5

Team 18

Names ANR

Yayi Cai 255535

Yulun Ma 922079

Yifei Xu 930853

Tianyang Zhou 804909

Ivanna Harreman 129994

Kajani Savuntharanayagam 611823


According to the previous studies, there are several problems of NS, which can be concluded into four dimensions: 1) Time of delay; based on the previous data, the time of delay seems to be relatively long (average 15 minutes) and unstable (with a standard deviation 18 minutes). 2) NS control over delay, NS takes a moderate control of delay, which should be improved. 3) Degree of filled time; according to the previous study, waiting time should be fulfilled in a higher level 4) Stability of delay; which seems to be more stable.


The main aim of NS is increasing the customers' evaluations and thus attracting more potential customers to purchase the products and services of NS. To realize this main aim, NS should achieve several sub-aims, which are creating a positive image for consumers, improving its technological tools to decrease the probability of delay and improve the level of fulfillment of waiting time.

Approaches for Promotional Campaign:

To begin with, according to the findings, stability of delay is one of the factor which is important for the overall service evaluation of NS. The calculated mean and standard deviation of overall group 4,695 and 1,501 respectively. Since this score is relatively high this could leads to lower the overall service evaluation.

To overcome this problem and to increase the score of overall evaluation of NS, NS could minimize the stability of the delay by making changes to the current schedules of the train. Increasing the frequency of the train per hour could reduce the delay experienced by the travellers. For example if there is only one train from A to B...