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Executive Summary

The purpose of this business report is to provide information necessary for start-up investors to launch Cinderella Carriage, the mobile beauty salon. Cinderella Carriage is going to solve busy women's problem of finding time to pamper and groom themselves in Southern California. Commuter traffic in Southern California is hectic and tiring. According to U.S Census Bureau estimates, of the 15 million Californians who commute to work, 2.7 million spend at least forty-five minutes getting to their jobs, with upwards of more than 470,000 commuters spending ninety minutes or more getting to work. (California Watch) The commute time "includes time spent waiting for public transportation, picking up passengers in carpools, and time spent in other activities related to getting to work." (California Watch) Since people already spend valuable time getting to and from work, spending time commuting to other activities such as going to a salon will be another waste of time.

Cinderella Carriage is a new business that provides customized, mobile beauty salons for women so that they can look effortlessly pretty and save time in commuter traffic. Since Cinderella Carriage is mobile, our locations and hours of operation are flexible.

Cinderella Carriage is a new place and a new idea for customers to come and enjoy this beauty do-it-all, full-service salon including make-up, hair, and nail services all while being pampered. The purpose of this business is to provide beauty through combining convenience.

Situation Analysis

Product category analysis

The current market is in a moderately sized with large selections of local salons and stylists however since Cinderella Carriage is mobile service which differentiates it from other local salons, and it is the core competency of the service. Local salons don't offer the same attributes of mobility and convenience. Through research, there is potential growth in the beauty...