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Marriage is something very important in one person's life. Many times there are some people that don't value this because they don't believe in spent the rest of their life with the same partner. That is why I think that people has to look very well in what kind of relationship they want or want to have. Marriage is a union in which both members have to be very creative and comprehensive in order to be able to last forever.

To be very creative in a relationship sometimes is not easy, but partner have to try. People can think on one day and make something different and broke with the same routine like going out for dinner on Monday or Wednesday, take a vacation to a place that they have never gone for example Hawaii. Also invent a new form of life, if use to go to sleep every Friday after the news, change and go with your partner to a club or movies and have a wonderful time.

Furthermore people have many options that can make a little bit of change to their marriage for example gift a bouquet of flowers to their wives or gift to their husbands their favorite collection of pens or ties. As you can see imagination is very important in a marriage and to be in love of your partner is better because its give you the facility to create new things that only would reminds in the people 's mind.

Being comprehensive also is very important in a relationship because its give you the opportunity to understand better your partner. Furthermore is beautiful when a couple is able to solve and find solutions to their problems by themselves. Additionally it strong the matrimony and provide more confidence to the relation. Besides when...