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No author found, Television and gender roles. Media and Communication Studies (2007)It compares the way television portraits gender roles, they say that women are still typecast in the traditional roles and, males are still viewed as the dominant figures. There stating that young people are getting there gender roles confused because of the way that television is portrayal the genders. Women are under represented on television about 3:1, they also state that most of the voiceovers are male and, that there are more male news readers. They think that television is directed by males like film directors (there are more male film directors then female) so they have the authority and control of world television. There was a test conducted on the young people watching television and seeing if it effected the way they portrayal the gender roles in real life but, it inconclusive. They have stereotypical ideas which they strongly believe to be some effect to gender roles in the young crowd.

I agree that women are portrayal poorly on television and males are viewed as dominant figures. But I think also that the young crowds are not getting gender roles confused, we are in 2007 not 1930 things have changed. Women are starting to be the dominant figures and we know that most TV shows are not real, no matter who runs what on the show. I think some people are over thinking certain situations of gender roles. Mead, Margaret. Men have always been afraid that women could get along without them. Gender and Society, (2000): 238There stating that gender roles are social construct meaning that the socially and culturally prescribed roles that men and women are to follow. According to Gerda Lerner in The Creation of Patriarchy, gender is the costume, a mask, a straitjacket in which...