Martin Luther King, Jr. vs. Malcolm X

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Martin Luther King, Jr. vs. Malcolm X Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man of power, dreams, dignity and above all bravery. He fought one of the most brutal battles of all. The battle for equal rights for blacks.

King was born on April 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. Even as a young boy it was clear to his father that there was something special about him. King loved books and liked keeping them around even before he was able to read. His love for speaking was evident even then.

King graduated from Crozer in 1951 with the highest average of his class. Soon after graduating he met his wife to be, Coretta Scott. In 1955 King received his doctorate from Boston University and then went on to become a pastor in Montgomery, Alabama at the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. Later he became a follower of the bus boycott started by Rosa Parks.

In 1957 King founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference along with Ralph Abernathy, who was also a minister. In January of that year King?s home and church in Montgomery were burned. After these incidents King?s desire to fight for the rights of blacks became very clear. So did his bravery about death and his willingness to become a martyr. One of King?s biographers gave this comment about him ?When he did obey what seemed to be an occasional irresistible inner compulsion, he said that he felt seriously called to be a martyr--but he found it extremely difficult, and equally difficult to admit that he was worried about what he regarded as his inadequacy for the destiny that God had given him. After the Montgomery bombing, King had said: "Lord, I hope no one will have to die as a result of our struggle for freedom in...