Mass Media and Popular Culture

Essay by turner62 December 2009

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How has mass media a created a relationship among popular culture, mass media and different forms of dissemination? Mass media is any form of communication used to reach a large group of people. There are different types of media; examples of media are magazines, movies, television, books, recording devices, radio and the internet. As time goes on, new and improved technology is developed in the mass media industry for communicating and entertainment purposes. As mass media continues to grow and expand, they developed new and more modern ways of technology. This allowed for more advance ways to communicate and entertain the captive audience. Examples of the new technology that were developed are the internet, digital equipment, video games, and computer games that have entered the market and brought influence to people's lives.

Mass media enculturation has impacted many people in today's society because the world is constantly being exposed to mass media in which has affected popular American culture. The impact that mass media has had on enculturation is invasive in communities because information is being transmitted on a daily basis. Television has impacted mass media enculturation in influencing teenagers and adults. Teenagers and adults are constantly being exposed to television shows, reality shows, music, cartoons, and soap operas. Teenagers get more easily influence by mass media because media is a large part of a teenager's life; teenagers are more concern with their appearance and popularity.

Today, millions of television shows have a lasting impress on teenagers and adults. Many people who watch television are looking for entertainment, rather than action or drama. For example, the music channel "MTV" is a perfect example of mass media and how it affects a person's culture. MTV has influenced the younger generation in rap, R& B, and news on celebrities'...