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Too smart for her own good, is a legendary saying used for people that are so smart that at the end of their life it can be dangerous for them. In the fantastic story Matilda written by Roald Dahl, the author describes a young girl's life that is affected by lack of love and affection and her being too intelligent for her age and time.

It was the beginning of summer in 1993 the climate was starting to get hot and the Wormwood family didn't pay much attention to Matilda and her incredible abilities. The local color and verisimilitude of the setting consists in the typical modern-day English village, lots of houses with gardens full of flowers infront of each house, people walking their dogs in the street, cars passing by, kids laughing, happy people all over the place, Matilda´s friends running around following their lost red ball.

Matilda Wormwood, a remarkably bright little girl, had taught herself to read at the age of three; by the age of four she had pored a dozens of times over the only book to be found at her parents house, Easy Cooking.

While her mother was playing bridge all day and her used car salesman father was at work, Matilda walked to the public library and read books all afternoon. Matilda´s parents were both so warmless and so wrapped up in their own silly little lives that they failed to notice anything unusual about Matilda. Afterward, Mr. Wormwood decided to take Matilda to school; in school Matilda found lots of friends and two special teachers, Miss Honey the gentle teacher and Miss Trunchbull the head teacher, a harsh and ruthless woman. Miss Trunchbull treated the kids awfully in her school, so Matilda with her extra powers decided too ........................!!!!!!!!!...