Maurice "the rocket" Richard.

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Maurice "the rocket" Richard

One of the greatest teams of the century was the Montreal Canadiens, and they also had one of greatest players of the century.

That player was Joseph Henri Maurice Richard, mainly called Maurice. He was the oldest child of Onesime and Alice Richard. He lived in the north end of Montreal PQ. He started skating at the age of four, by the time he was a teenager he dominated the local school teams.

In 1942-43 season he played his first NHL game, 16 games in to the season he broke his ankle. He went through a run of injuries. During those he married Lucille Norchat, the sister of a good friend. Also during those injuries he attempted twice to join the army, he was turned downed both those times because of those injuries.

In 1943-44 season it all turned around, when Lucille gave birth to their first child of seven, it was a nine-pound baby girl.

Richard asked his coach if he could change his jersey number from 15 to nine to mark the occasion. A local sports writer had begun calling Richard "the comet." But a teamate called him "the rocket" thankfully it stuck. With Richard with 32 goals, the fourth highest total in the Canadiens history, and Bill Durnan in net, the Canadiens finished first place for the first time in nineteen years. That was the year that they won the Stanley Cup.

Richard usually had a Hundred penalty minutes per season. Which brings up "Richard and Cambell" feud. It all stated when Clarence Cambell, the president of the NHL, gave Richard fines that were harsher then most other players got.

The first incident was in the 1947 playoffs, when Cambell suspended Richard one game and a 250 dollars for an incidental...