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Max Rothman is an art dealer whom has social status as his Jewish family seems to be well-established. He has lost his right arm after being a veteran in World War I and is struggling to grasp the power of words rather paintings. Adolf Hitler in the movie is portrayed as just another soldier, unknown and unpopular. This is a young Hitler that people do not see. His art is not all that good and has quite a temper. Rothman and Hitler are polar opposites of each other, but nonetheless Hitler befriends Rothman establishes a close relationship with Rothman. We can see the hope and trust that Hitler shows Rothman, as he says that Rothman is "few born"

Propaganda in the film takes form as the early stages where people are finding the manipulative power of words. Examples would be: 'Politics is the new art' and 'the future is subversive'.

In his speech, Hitler repeats words such as 'Blood Jew' and 'stabbed in the back' to provoke the crowds, moving them enough to chant back. This is the beginning of the power of propaganda.

In the film Hitler uses euphemisms in his speech to get the crowd going. These powerful words influence political propaganda into the listeners. Examples of speeches which motivate people could be Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech.

Being miserable are feelings that the German society is having at the time. Munich in 1918 is a desperate and poor environment, what makes it worst is the low moral of the soldiers returning from the war defeated.