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Cody Irvine

Professor Cynthia Halstead

English 106 -7

1 September 2014

A Walk Through Maymont Park

Since I was a young child, my parents have been taking my sister and I to Maymont Park in Richmond, Virginia. One Sunday a month, my parents would wake us up to the smell of bacon and homemade French toast. After breakfast we would all get dressed while my mom made a picnic lunch for the family. Then the four of us, my sister, my parents, and I, would pile into the car and start our twenty-minute journey to Maymont Park.

Once we got to Maymont, we could smell barn animals and flowers. It was always a beautiful day, with the bright sun bringing out the vivid color of all of the flowers that filled the entrance. The sound of giggling children filled the air. Everyone is always happy at Maymont. At the gates there was a huge wooden wall with animals painted on it.

Each animal had a small slot above it connected to a collection bin on the opposite side so you could donate money to whatever species you would like. My parents would give my sister and I each a dollar, and I always put mine in to the black bear.

When we passed the animal donation center, we walked out into a busy and exciting petting zoo. My parents gave me a quarter to get some animal feed from the machine. I went straight to the Billy goats. I loved the excitement they showed when someone had food for them. They would lick the food right out of your hand. I was too happy to care about the sticky slime they left behind from their tongues, but my mom always brought hand sanitizer, and she wouldn't let me...