A Measure of Intelligence (informal speech)

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"As we go to air tonight, this 84-year-old grandmother remains locked up in her nursing home room chained to a cupboard. So what has she done to deserve this?"What has she done to deserve this? What have we done to deserve a media that thinks it can get away with feeding this kind of ...rhubarb, to Australia? That Today Tonight quote introduced a story featuring a woman in a nursing home locked in chains. When federal officials investigated the nursing home the following day, they discovered that not only was it the Today Tonight crew who told her to chain herself up, but they had brought the chains along with them and took them away again after the interview.

So back to my original question, how can we possibly deserve this? Unfortunately ladies and gentlemen, we do deserve it. It seems that we're a race that values sensationalist entertainment over actual news about whats happening in our surrounding world.

Approximately one and a half million people watch Today Tonight and over a million more watch A Current Affair. Thats two and a half million - 12% of the nation watching sensationalist garbage every evening at 6:30pm. If intelligent aliens came to Earth and watched the television that is most popular in Australia, do you reckon they'd think "Wow, these human folk are pretty smart! Let's make friends with them!" or would they be thinking "We travelled 400 light years to get here in hope of finding intelligent extra-terrestrial life, and these people are more interested in Kylie Minogue's new hairstyle than important global events?" And let's face it: nobody would want to make friends with a race of people who seem bent on killing each other.

While we're talking about aliens, the author of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,