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1. The purpose of the Nurse's speech was to let it be known the situation in the home and Medea's want for revenge against Jason and his new royal bride.

2. She had a passionate love for Jason with a "heart of fire". She also was responsible for many deaths and staying there was a great risk.

3. She persuaded the daughters to kill their father.

4. Jason has left Medea for the royal bride and has deserted his children and Medea.

5. Medea no longer wonders about the nature and well being of the children. The Nurse fears that she might do harm to the children.

6. He heard that Creon, king of Corinth is going to banish Medea and her children from the land.

7. The Nurse sees Jason as a mistreating husband and father. She wishes him dead but a level that isn't painful.

The tutor speaks of Jason as having "no more feeling for the house of ours".

8. Medea wishes she may perish and suffer with that.

9. Having a mean and terrible temper never comes out on top, for only it greatly ruins great mens houses.


10. The feel that she is persistent and unwilling to receive help from friends and not enemies.

First Episode

11. In Corinth, she is viewing her situation as unfair because she stays quiet and yet earns bad reputation from the people who judge her. As a married woman and mother, she describes her situation as unbalanced and not equal because men are doing whatever they want. When they are tired of their wives in bed they go and look for other but woman are forced to love only one. She rather fight 3 war than bear one child. As a foreigner, she describes...