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What was it that caught your eye? Was it the swimsuit issue? Was it the great analysis and live updates on the NFL draft? Was it that you too, could be sitting next to Dan Patrick or Stuart Scott hosting Sports Center after winning the "Dream Job" contest? Are you a fantasy "nut" that can't get enough information that might just win you that coveted title of "Champion" in your fantasy league? In this paper, I am going to compare and contrast how ESPN markets itself online and in print media via their self titled magazine to target a very specific audience.


The attached print screen will illustrate everything that falls under that vast media mogul that is ESPN. With topics ranging from bass fishing, rodeo, tennis, golf, NASCAR, Spring Training (MLB), Soccer and the upcoming Olympics to breaking news on the latest legal information in the pending Kobe Bryant case.

Littered through out the website, you will find in-depth interviews with the likes of Barry Bonds in regards to the steroid scandal that threatens to rock the world of Major League Baseball. Should they test for steroids?

Articles on the new ESPN reality series "Dream Job", a contest that pits 12 potential desk jockeys against each other for a chance to win a year-long Sports Center contract. The website offers "ESPN MOTION", technology that will allow you to view the Sports Center highlights from your personal computer in the event you don't have access to a television. You can have updates related to your favorite sport (s) and / or team (s) emailed directly to your PC, Phone or PDA allowing you to stay in touch. Need to stay on top of "March Madness" and your favorites in the NCAA basketball Tourney? Fill out your prize-winning...