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Australia's Regional and Global links

Identifying the link (Sports):

The Sport link between China and Australia is a link in which China, the host nation for the 2008 Olympics is recommending the Australian construction company, BlueScope Lysaght to provide China with an environmentally-friendly and energy efficient construction solution.

Relationship between Australia and China:

BlueScope Lysaght is the leading construction company in the world and has had past experience, providing more than 20 sports sites for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. With so much past experience, China wanted the Australian company to help them construct their new Olympic arena. The Beijing construction strategy has essentially improved Australian and Chinese relations.

Implications for these links:

The Beijing construction strategy has not only improved Chinese and Australian relations but it has also proved as an increasing profit for the Australian construction company. Since the first sale of BlueScope steel products to China back in 1915, BlueScope Steel is now Australia's largest manufacturing investor in both China and Asia.

BlueScope Lysaght China has a strong presence in the market with offices in 26 cities across China to meet the building products and needs of the construction industry.

China on the other hand has owned the latest sporting equipped stadiums and facilities for the Olympic Games.

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Identifying the link (Trade):

Australia has developed a two-way trading system with China. A large contributor to this process is the state of NSW. NSW is Australia's largest trading partner with China; with a massive $16.4 billion two-way merchandise trade in 2007.

Relationship between Australia and China:

NSW's goods exports to China were worth $2.3 billion in 2007 (13% average annual growth since...