Media Violence

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Media Violence


Television and violence

Showing violence on a Television is one of the most political and important issue. Now a days nature of violence is totally depend upon the cross cultures and around some Countries. Here the question arises that should media use the concept of censorship or not and many more question arise like this. Sometimes they prefer that topic which is very controversial and while discussing it, Often they loose their temper and start misbehaving and even they use abusive language, which is also showing a violence via Television (Nima, 2011).


If we look out the globe we will see that the Television has spread all over four corners of the globe, even so Television and violence has also spread with the help of media and much more like by some sort of arcade games which is not good for the children because now a days games have a very high graphics and a children even adult some times induldge in that game so after playing it when he or she got up has a mind of violence indirectly.

Relationship between television and violence

As crimes are present in the whole world but violence is common in few parts of the world like in United States and Canada there are not very much strictness on showing violent things, this concept sometimes results a very bad so violence should be obscene. We have an example of this act of violent which should not have broadcasted, a lady known janet Jackson in north America, during the days of super bowl Sunday her left breast was exposed and approximately 90 million people viewed this and then broadcasters CBS(British Broadcasting Corporation ) received complaints around 542,000 and even CBS was fined of $550,000 for obscenity and restrictions.