Medicinal Marijuana Helps

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Medicinal Marijuana Helps

A majority of Americans have been exposed to or heard of marijuana. Marijuana is a common drug among all age groups of Americans. It was once legal and still popular. The US government and citizens have now raised the question if the party drug that is known to relax the body and mind should be legalized in the United for medicinal purposes. Marijuana helps cancer patients with pain during treatment, helps AIDS patients regain their appetites, and those with glaucoma have shown improvement in their condition.

You may or may not know the pain that a patient goes through when they have cancer, but have you ever hurt yourself so bad that you wish the pain would stop? Well there are people who are going through this kind of pain everyday and the only thing that is abundant, affordable, and works for dulling the pain is marijuana.

The number one reason that cancer patients seek the use of marijuana is pain. Whether it is intestinal pain, also known as visceral pain, which is characterized as a dull, constant ache somatic pain, or neuropathic pain. In Contrast with current methods of pain relief, cannabis has unique side effects. While other pain relievers have limits on usage due to dose sizes and addiction, cannabis has side effects that are medically useful. The main suggested uses for cannabis in the medical world are pain treatments for chemotherapy patients, postoperative pain, patients with insomnia or chronic pain, or even patients with spinal cord injury. If you were to ask any "pothead" about the effects or you may know for yourself personally, but one of the main effects of smoking marijuana is the dulling of the senses. Most people would refer to it as a "melting", the sensation of feeling numb and...