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The Justice in Megan's Law

Justice is a concept used worldwide in order to uphold what is supposed to be fair treatment according to the law or the standards of that particular location. Although justice is very common, it is presented in various ways. Nader and Sursock's Anthropology and Justice, speak on the diverse presentations of justice and how they have progressed or digressed over the years. Megan's Law, presented in Megan's Law and the Protection of the Child I the On-line Age, a forum by Walter Pincus, presents a style of justice not all will comply with. This law forces convicted sex offenders to have their previous actions displayed to everyone they may come in contact to after prison, making the rest of their lives a living Hell. The Quiet Man tells the story of a man, Frank Penna, forced to live his life according to this justice called Megan's Law. Megan's Law presents justice as well as an injustice, but essentially which one depends on whose eyes you are viewing the situation from.

As the times change, it calls for the ways in which justices are carried out to change as well. Sometimes different things happen that call for a separate set of proceedings that allocate justice. Some values are kept and are continued on in the process of justice. But then again, some values are let go, and some are even added on. Take the court process of the United States of America for example. Before the Constitution, there were only informal laws to guide these new American's. This justice system did not work in America, therefore a new system was devised, leaving and keeping some of the old laws and values used before.

This is the circumstance of Megan's Law. Before this law,