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Metric Essay The SI system is used in everyday life. there are many places that it is used, such as; at thedoctors, gas stations and hair salons where they use it for many different things. In my essay, i am goingto talk about a number of things. Some of the things i am going to briefly explain are conversations withpeople, why science uses the metric system, and if we will ever convert.

On tuesday, Sept. 18, i walked into Subway and decided to use the metric system to buy a turkeysandwich. I asked the sandwich maker for a 30 cm sub. She looked at me in confusion and then i had to explain to her what i meant. I told her that i had to use the metric system for a project and she laughed and i told her that it was equal to a foot. the next day, i was driving in my car and i told my dad that i really needed to get some gas.

he said ok, pullover. I told him to go pay for 12 litres of gas. He started laughing and told me, so you want a few gallons of gas? Then i explained to him that it was homework and i had to buy something in the metric laguage. People react that way because we are not used to using the metric system laguage. The last little tricky metric system talk that i tried out one someone was when i went to Dairy Queen. I ordered a small icecream cone. It was ninty-cents, and i gave her ninty-three cents, just so she could give me back change. I said i need 9 grams back! She then asked me what the heck i was talking about and then i told her that...