Mexicos Fight for Independence

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Fight for the Independence of Mexico

Causes of Independenc

There were many circumstances both in Europe and in New Spain that lead the way to an independent Mexico. The ways of the world were changing and America was no exception. People began to take in new idea and it was during this period that we see a shift in the world powers.


Although we see that in the XVIII century New Spain was flourishing it had never been more dependant or exploited by Spain. The society became hugely divided, on one end the rich Europeans, also known as gachupines and on the other a huge population of deprived and destitute criollos.

Between the years 1740 and 1803 the prime export to Spain was gold and silver, amounting to 12 to 18 millions pesos. The management of this was in hands of both the miners, made up of mostly Europeans, and the commercial companies, run both by creoles and Europeans , making them both the most influential economic groups of the colonial era.

They thrived from the dependence of New Spain on Spain. Unlike that of the mining industry the agricultural production and exportation was of national interest. Around five thousand large haciendas (large ranches) that were run by creoles existed that exported for national consumption. Most of the haciendas depended on the credit given to them by the church, and were almost always in debt. This, along with the rent of properties and taxes collected, was one of the main proceeds that added to the immense wealth of the Church. The church largely depended on the internal economy of New Spain and vise-versa.

Along with the increase of the exportation to Spain a slow and steady growth in internal industries began. Due to the wars that were...