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Re: Simulation Assignment

In the simulation a vision, mission and value (VMV) statements were selected for the purpose of applying the strategic management process to an airport attempting to re-establish itself as a viable alternative in the region. Strategic Thought Consultancy has been hired to oversee the renovation that will take place in northeast Texas.

Strategic Thought came up with the following VMV Statements

* Vision - to transform the airport into an exciting, efficient, safe, and cost-competitive air transportation center in Texas.

* Mission - We will provide high quality aviation services and concession facilities in a unique environment.

* Values - We stand for integrity in all our activities and strive for continuous improvement.

Strategic Thought managed to renovation as the primary consultant from start to completion. Issues concerning use of land and available budget were handled and resolved using the strategic management process.

The airport was faced with an emergency, which threatened the reputation of the Airport and Strategic Thought.

Corrective actions consistent with the Airport's VMV statement allowed the crisis to be resolved quickly.