"Of Mice And Men" Evaluation

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Key Moment-The Opening of the Play

In the opening of the play you see a projection of George running through a field shouting for Lenny to follow. We, as the audience, have no idea what this is about, but it gets revealed later on in the production. Then the projection fades out to reveal a bar, which is behind the gauss wall, a single spot light is on George and Lenny highlighting them as the main characters. In the foreground Suzy is getting ready; as she does George and Lenny get up and knock the door. When Suzy is ready she calls them in. The audience is not aware that Lenny is dead, as he comes in with George. She tries to entice George by saying: "Come here honey, I won't bite". But he says he'd rather "just talk".

George plays a harmonica to link scene one and scene two, he plays so that the atmosphere is melancholy and sombre.

George narrates scene two as well as acting in it; and appears to be with Lenny all the time when he narrates, but Lenny is really dead, it almost seems that Lenny is a ghost when he is not in the flash backs.

A gauss screen, which you can partly see through, is used instead as a solid wall so that the actors can be behind if they wanted to be more menacing or mysterious, it also acts a separate room or out side so you can see what's happening in the background when the focus shifts from the front of the stage to the behind the screen.

I think the use of a projection that didn't make sense was good because it grabbed the audiences' attention straight away. It was good that you could relate back to the...