Migrant Workers And Steinbecks Grapes Of Wrath

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Thesis:The current availability of comprehensive health care to migrant workers is deplorable. It is because of the inaccessibility of health care the migrants are suffering. It is necessary to better their lives through volunteerism to accommodate the migrant workers with quality health care at a price that is affordable to them.

There are many reasons why migrant workers are unable to receive appropriate medical care. Shannon Pergament, coordinator of a University of the Minnesota Extension Service Program that trains migrant farm workers to serve as lay health promoters, stated: "Migrant workers are in need of basic health service as well as health and safety information. Low pay without health benefits, racial discrimination, low levels of formal health education, and a lack of familiarity with local health and social service systems contribute to the substantial health problems sustained by migrant workers and their families."� The jobs the migrant workers have are manual labor jobs that pay very little, so they suffer from a lack of resources to pay for health care.

Their jobs also lack the health benefits that are common to most jobs in America's commercial world. This means that the only way the migrants can receive health care is if the price is reduced or if it is a totally free service. There is no an incentive for many health care companies to offer reduced rate drugs and health care to the migrant workers. The list of personal investors is not long enough and the government is unwilling to contribute the large amounts of money necessary, even though the migrant workers are often the backbone of the agricultural economy.

Most of the migrant workers are uneducated or have a lower education than the average American adult. They lack the health education necessary to...