Military Vehicles of World War II

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World War II (WWII) was a devastating war on a scale of massive proportions. WWII involved nearly all of the major countries of the world and hurt each deeply. Many people accredit the Allied victory to the soldiers who fought in the war and the weapons they fought with, but there is something even more important than these. The vehicles of WWII formed the very backbone in which the war was fought, yet these vehicles are largely overlooked when the results of this terrible war are examined. Without the vehicles of WWII, the soldiers of all the involved countries would not have made it to the battlefield. There is a common pattern among the nations that participated in World War II. Most of the nations presented a specific vehicle, which was critically important to the outcome of the war. The Americans, for example, had the Jeep. Without the Jeep, the Allies would have surely lost.

The American Jeep is a marvel unto itself. This little "car" could go just about anywhere, regardless of the terrain or conditions. The Jeep rarely, if ever, became stuck, but if it did, it had the uncanny tenacity to claw its way out of almost any situation. The Jeep was invented due to an order placed by the United States Department of the Army, which called for a small reconnaissance vehicle to perform various tasks that other, larger Army vehicles could not perform with precision or skill. The Army extended this request to over 135 different car companies, but only three responded. American Bantam Motors Corporation was the first company to respond with a working prototype to this request. Ford and Willys-Overland were the other two companies to join the rivalry for the contract offered by the Army. Bantam was the company that invented...