Minority Report Film Review

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Minority Report - Film Review

Who wouldn't want to live in a world where murder didn't exist? The citizens of Washington, DC, have it in the year 2054, and it's been that way for them for six years. Law enforcement benefits from having three people with an extraordinary gift of foresight. They are called pre-cogs, and have the same names as three well-known mystery writers - Agatha, Arthur, and Dashiell. They live a very controlled life inside a part of the police department building, where their minds and bodies are controlled to the point where their only function is to foresee crimes and name the future victims and perpetrators. They never leave the room especially created for them. As a result, people live in a city of unprecedented safety. Crime is prevented before it can be committed

This change has led to the formation of a Pre-Crime unit, whose lead detective is John Anderton (Tom Cruise). Anderton and the DC police chief, Lamar Burgess (Max Von Sydow), have come from Baltimore to make sure that Pre-Crime works correctly. Six years of overwhelming success has made the federal government want the DC Pre-Crime unit to be implemented on a nationwide basis. Detective Danny Witwer (Colin Farrell) has been sent to familiarize himself with Pre-Crime and to be a part of the transition team. He explains how the visions of the pre-cogs help to create a picture of what is about to happen.

Anderton, though, goes from the hunter to the hunted. Agatha (Samantha Morton), considered by all to be the strongest of the pre-cogs, gets a vision that Anderton is about to kill a man. He manages to elude an all-out manhunt for him, and gets to Burgess to assure him that he, much like the people he arrests,