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Imagine a near perfect functional state where virtually everything knew your personal information, the streets are filled with laughter, smiles and murder is known to be non-existent. Minority Report, one of Steven Spielberg's most popular films shows the viewers a near perfect utopian state where all crime has been eliminated. There is an evident observation in the movie that depicts the way people behave and act. No doubt there is a large change in society compared to the society we have today. The change in society, culture, and norms were all impacted due to the heightened change in technology. Minority Report, revolves around John Anderton (portrayed by Tom Cruise), a chief and detective that works for the newly developed justice system known as Pre-Crime. Pre-Crime is a private police force set in Washington D.C that uses the future visions of 3 mutated humans with precognitive abilities to predict and stop future murders.

These visions explicitly give the perpetrator and the victim's names and hints on clues on the time and date that the murder will take place. Anderton and the Pre-Crime force then use sophisticated technology and advance computers to quickly get to the victim to fully stop the crime and arrest the perpetrator. Throughout the movie it clearly shows how future technology has been embedded into the lives of the citizens living in that society. Prior to directing Minority Report, Spielberg "convened a three-day conference about what life will be like in the year 2054. He invited writers, urban planners, technological innovators and various other prognosticators" to give him an insight on how specific scenes and society will be like. (Clarke) With this knowledge Spielberg was able to mimic a futuristic state that was closely related to what experts would predict. This gives the viewers an accurate...