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Mitosis 101 The adventure of mitosis begins in the very simple yet complex state of interphase, the nucleus in this phase can be seen very clearly but the chromosomes can not but are actively duplicating themselves. Chromosomes- structures inside the nucleus containig DNA.

Kinetochore also takes place in interphase this is the dividing of the nucleolus. Prophase is the next phase of mitosis where the chromosomes become completely visible and the nucleus disappears and the nuclear membrane also disappears. Then two small structures Centrioles appear and move to opposite ends of the cell, when the Centrioles are at opposite ends of the cells thread like structures come out from them called Spindles which begin to stretch across the cell towards each other. Metaphase is when I think things really begin to start happening, the spindle fibers connect and each chromosome lines up in the middle of the cell to get their own spindle fiber attached to them, Centrome the middle of the chromosome is where they attach.

Anaphase is when the two strands of the chromosomes begin to move away from each other towards opposite ends of the cell. They move across to the opposite ends of the cells so that when the cell divides both sides are equal and can duplicate again. In the last phase of mitosis, Telophase the Centrioles and spindle fibers start to disappear, the chromosomes start to stretch out and become harder to see, the nuclear membrane reappears and forms around the two new cells, this process is known as cleavage, and then two new nucleolus appear in the mother cell and the daughter cell and completes the process of mitosis to be done millions of times over again.

There is a few other terms of mitosis which I could not find which phases they belonged in.

Cytokinesis- when the nucleolus divides the cytoplasm often divides. Karyokinesis- nuclear division is a more scientific name for mitosis. Mitosis is a form of Asexual Reproduction- which means new organism are produced from one parent. The Sexual Reproduction- requires a sperm cell from the male and egg from the female, and the process which make these sex cells is called meiosis. When both egg and sperm join together this process is called fertilization and the cell that forms from that is called a zygote. Mitosis is the process in which a nucleus divides to form two identical nuclei which goes through the phases, prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and Telophase.