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Isracard, the largest credit card company in Israel, and Bezeq International, the leading Israeli provider of international long distance telephony services, join the TippCom Wireless advertising network Isracard, the leading credit card in Israel, has decided to promote its Culture Time Club, a club that grants its members various benefits in the culture and leisure sector, by wireless advertising.

The advertising is based on sending SMS messages to the mobile phones of TippCom subscribers, who asked for information in various culture and leisure-related subjects such as the theater, shows, dance, music, films, etc.

The SMS offers to join the club and enjoy its benefits.

Any subscriber who expresses an interest in the club, can reach Isracard's call center at the push of a button.

Dan Chen, TippCom's Director of Marketing, says: "Cellular advertising renders it possible for Isracard to accurately reach the club's target audience "" subscribers with an interest in cultural and leisure-time activities, of the ages that are appropriate for the club".

Another company, Bezeq International, Israel's largest international telephony provider, chose to promote a special offer on international dialing through cell phones. This campaign recorded a perfect correlation between the advertising medium (wireless advertising) and the target audience, consisting of people who regularly use their cell phones and can respond directly to the advertising from the actual medium itself.

A total of 100,000 TippCom subscribers were targeted in both campaigns.

Chen adds: "Leading corporations in Israel and worldwide are continuously discovering the wireless medium for advertising and for sales promotion. This medium is highly attractive to advertisers due to several factors: The low advertising costs as compared with the advertising efficacy, the ability to segment the target audience by predefined areas of interest and preferences and most importantly "" the desire and expectation on the...