Monet's "Palazzo da Mula, Venice"

Essay by Anagrin December 2004

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As I stared at the painting "Palazzo da Mula, Venice" by Monet, the images were extremely blurry to me and the picture was somewhat indistinguishable. I really wasn't even sure what it was I was looking at. All of the images seemed to blend into each other making the picture seem almost as if the artist merely took his brush and stroked it across the canvas in a series of several colors and directions, almost as if he was not really sure what he was expecting out of the painting making it somewhat of an abstract piece of work as opposed to the impressionistic style he achieved with his finished product. There were really no defining points within the painting that caused it to stick out as a distinct picture of anything.

As I slowly stepped away from my computer the picture began to take form. It was almost magical how the images began to show themselves.

As I moved away from the screen staring intently at the picture within the buildings seemed to erect themselves and it was almost as if I could see the waves moving within the water. I nearly expected to see a fish jump out of the water as I stared at it. It reminded me of those abstract pictures you can buy at various stores that you have to stare long and hard at in order to finally see the picture that is hidden within the lines of the piece. In fact, I found myself concentrating intently on the picture for a span of about a minute then staring at a blank spot on my wall to see if perhaps the image would transcribe itself there on the wall. Unfortunately, it did not do so.

Seeing the picture within the painting for...