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The movie titled "Monster" is an attempt to recap the notorious killing spree of Aileen Wuornos. Having researched the killings earlier in my education, I found the movie to be a great viewing pleasure, however entertaining was all it was. The movie started out well, but fell off track quickly.

As stated earlier, having research Wuornos earlier in my studies, much of the movie was on a fiction-based story line. Many names, the weapon that Wuornos used, and many other details such as vehicles had been changed in an effort to make the movie more enjoyable. I will touch some of the myth behind the legendary Florida Serial Killer.

Myth vs. Reality (Childhood)

To set the stage for the movie, picking a woman with a history of prostitution just proves the political view once a criminal always a criminal. However, the movie did not go deep into the history of Wuornos' childhood.

In the movie however it stated that she had an unpleasant childhood with her father, how he wood beat her for having sex with his friend, however in real life, Aileen's parents had been divorced several months before her birth. She never met her father.

After the divorce, Diane, Aileen's mother, found the responsibilities of a single motherhood to be overwhelming and abandoned Aileen and her brother, Keith (not

mentioned at all in the movie), with her parents. When the two siblings learned that the grandparents were actually not their maternal parents, they rebelled. At age 14, Aileen was pregnant and sent away to an unwed mother's home. No important sociological effects that this kind of childhood had on her were ever mentioned, however what was mentioned were "entertaining".

Myth vs. Reality (Love)

After sitting through the "entertaining" lies set forth about Wuornos' childhood, it struck...