Monster Networking was the leading global online career network

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Monster Networking

Monster Networking


Table of Contents

3Overview of the company's history �

4Definition of key players and explanation of why they are key players �

5Problem �

6Strategic options �

6Option 1: Continuance of original plan �

7Option 2: Elimination of subscription �

7Option 3: Acquisition of a social networking website �

8Option 4: Terminating the networking venture �

9Recommendation �

12References �



Overview of the company's history is an internet site that is offered as an opportunity for job seekers to examine the market for available positions that will match their requirements. Using Monster's web site, job seekers can shop around for a job that will be most appealing to them. The site also offers employers to shop around for the best suited employee since there is availability to post résumés on the site. This site can be accessed by registering with a user id and have password so regular visits to the site can be established. was an idea that came to life under the supervision of its creator, Jeff Taylor. Its road to success was ingenious and in the next couple of pages, we will examine the idea behind the success. Jeff Taylor started the company as The Monster Board in 1993 as 454th web site in the World. It was the first company to advertise on the radio with a URL. In 1995, TMP Worldwide acquired The Monster Board and rechristened it as TMP was a full service recruitment firm which had local presence in major cities in US and around the world. To build the brand, in 1999, company aired first television advertisement, so as to connect directly to consumer. Further, company signed a $100 million deal with AOL to expand...