Monsters In Fairytales This is a great depiction of monsters roles in fairytales such as little red riding hood.

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In society today, the word "monster" is generally associated with fictional characters and is commonly accepted and known by everyone. Many people overlook what a monster really is, or can be, and their depiction of one only covers a broad range of them. There are apparent qualities that a monster can posses, such as a menacing or harmful manner, intimidating features, absolute heartlessness, and any other wicked characteristic not shared by normal individuals. These traits generally describe the popular monsters which everyday society agrees, such as dragons, zombies, ghosts, and werewolves to name a few. Sometimes though, a monster does not have to share all their accepted descriptions to actually be considered one. A physical being or a fictional character, with great intelligence or completely lacking it, that has a threatening, deceitful intent, attempts inhuman actions, and impedes on anyone else's daily life, regardless of appearance and size, should be considered a monster.

Fairytales have always been associated with portraying some of the greatest monsters ever. Many of these writings involve monsters because tails often incorporate good messages for children, and it is common for there to be a struggle between good and evil, hence monsters are created. In the classical story of Little Red Riding Hood, first written by Charles Perrault in 1729, provides great different examples of monsters. Even though there are many variations of the tale, there is always a monster that comes forth.

The nationally known tale by Perrault has proved to be an extremely popular tale to tell younger children because of its simplicity. Little Red Riding Hood is this good little girl going to bring her grandmother some cookies when she encounters a wolf in her grandma's bed who tries to eat her. The wolf in this story is a rather basic...