Monty Python Holy grail -types of comedy used.

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' You are to conduct a review on the film 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'

paying particular attention to how the audience perceives

various components of comedy through out the film'

As with the subsequent python films almost all the parts are played by John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Terry Gillian, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, and Mike Palin who also collectively wrote the script.

The year is 932 AD and king Arthur is making a trek across England to find fit and noble knights to join him at the round table in Camelot.

After a witch trail and a fight with a knight who kept issuing challenges to Arthur even after his legs and arms had been chopped off (probably the single funniest scene in the movie) Arthur and his new fellow knights are stopped by god himself, who parts the clouds to tell them to go after the Holy Grail.

So they do.

Along the way comes a lot of episodic comedy like the scene where a knight is trapped in a castle with lots of young girls, a run in with a 3 headed knight, and the knights who say "Ni". Finally comes the scene (The final scene) where the python knights have a battle with a ferocious rabbit, and answer obscure questions to get across a bridge.

The ending itself is bizarre and abrupt, but the rest of the movie has enough hilarity to make up for the few sequences that just don't work. 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' is surprisingly detailed in it's re-creation of the middle-ages, but the climatic battle at the end featuring hordes of extras is suddenly halted by the arrival of a modern day squad of police who break up the shenanigans...