Moods and Influences: The Musical Emotion This is mainly just an outline for a major essay. It contains every main idea, concrete detail and commentary without any filler.

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I. Through the use of elements such as variations in volume and tempo, musicians and composers, modern and old, use their creations as a catalyst to impart and influence their emotions concerning views on the world to the listener.

A. Sadness is often a favored sensation that is displayed in music because of the makers need to be understood about their internal turmoil or to define the sadness and bring together people who relate with such feelings.

1. The song "Here's to the Night" by Eve6 starts by establishing a slow but firm rhythm and leans more to lower notes and tones to set a dreary, regretful mood.

a. The instant message sent by the beginning of the song is melancholy but as it progresses the listener can feel the depth of remorse and through the singing. At this point, one may begin to associate those feelings with their own and complete the connection which was originally intended by the music.

2. Grieg's "The Death of Ase" in the Peer Gynt Suite presents long notes with exaggerated shifts in volume and is also played on the lower end of the scale to emphasize the drama of the characters fate in the story.

a. Evard Grieg's aim in displaying such a grim tone is to infect the viewers of the play with the same despair felt in every facet of the stage and the souls of the performers. Because the audience feels an emotional attachment to the character, the emotion is heightened with each resounding note and harmonious chord.

B. The sentiment of anger is frequently announced as a way to burst through the veiled covers of our hypocritical society and open the eyes of the people to the deep problems which are left confined.

1. Fast intricate beats and complex...