Moral Capitalism

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Intellectuals have always bashed individualistic systems such as capitalism. The intellectuals make claims that they are ineffective and immoral, even though it is apparent that a sociey based on individualism has proven over the years to be more successful and even morally superior compared to a society based on collectivism such as socialism, facism, and nazism. Collectivist economys are doomed to fail, lowering the living standards of citizens.

Further more, collectivism institutionalizes envy and self sacrifice without any option around it, a very immoral thing to do. After reviewing the facts, one can not honestly stand in favor of a collectivistic society.

Collectivist economies are doomed to fail, which is made apparent by Ludwig Von Mises' article "Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth." Professor Ludwig pointed out that economic calculation is impossible without markets because without markets, there are no real prices. Without the knowledge of a supply and a demand, individuals responsible for the allocating of funds cand only guess, leading to economic downfall.

When resources are miscalculated, living conditions fall, getting worse and worse until the inevitable economic colapse occurs. The only way other socialist governments have avoided economic colapse in the past is to revert to market pricing, which is a very capitalistic hippocritical thing to do. Also, it is morally unjst to willingly put people through harsh living conditions to follow through with a mixed and confused ideology.

Bradley Thompson of Ashland College summed up the morality of socialism into two words: envy and self sacrifice. Ency is a big part of collectivism because it is not only the desire to have what other's have, but also have other's wealth reduced to conform with your levels of wealth. According to popular Christian values, envy is somethign that should be avoided, and definately not...