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When the name "momron" comes up, people become aggiated and sometimes scared. Christians are known to critisize mormons from the pulpit because of their beliefs, but it actuality, mormons are Christinas. Mormons believe in Christ, hence the name of their church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The LDS church has another addition to the Bible entitiled the Book of Mormon. In this book there are stories and teachings that were written in BC. These stories are related to the Bible and don't contadict the Bible. The mormons also have the Doctrine and Covenants that guides the mormons and tells them how to run the church. There are misconception abou the church and whether the men have more than one wife and that is untrue and actually resulta in excommunication. The mormons believe in the trinity as three different beings and belive that Christ is the head of their church.

They have temples that are used for marriage from a man to a wife for all time and eternity. Mormons don't just believe that this is life and once you die it is over. There is so much more to life after death and the glories of Heaven will be far better than this earth. They believe we are sent here to be challenged and are ready to overcome these challenges.