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Moses was a leader of the ancient Hebrews who brought them out of Egypt in Exodus, around 1250 BC. He made the covenant between them and Yahweh at Sinai. He also guided them through the desert to the borders of Canaan. The Bible says he lived a life span of 120 years, but this figure is questioned.

The books of Exodus through Deuteronomy in the Bible are the only sources for details about Moses' life. No Egyptian documents found so far mention him, and the later records about him recorded in the work of Philo of Alexandria and in Josephus appear to be elaborations of the biblical story. The story of the baby Moses in the reed basket on the Nile is a typical legend about a famous man's childhood. The same basic story is also told about Sargon, king of Akkad.

According to the Bible, Moses grew up at the pharaoh's court but was forced to flee to Midian after he killed an Egyptian whom he had seen strike an Israelite.

They think that Moses was at the pharaoh's court because he was receiving Egyptian training after being taken captive from a Semitic vassal. He was then sent back to lead his people with an Egyptian point of view. This may also explain why Moses was adopted by the pharaoh's daughter.

Moses married the daughter of the high priest while in Midian. While he was keeping his father-in-law's flock, God spoke to him at a burning bush and told him to lead Israel out of Egypt. After the Exodus, Moses met again with his father-in-law, who told him about an improved judicial system. Moses went back to Egypt to confront the pharaoh with Yahweh's demand. This led to a long struggle. There were ten...