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11/1/01 The Call of the Wild Jack London 172 Fiction Scholastic Inc.

2000 Yes, I did like the book because it was exciting and because it was a story about stuff that can happen in real life.

The protagonist in the story was Buck. His role in the story was the main character and was the one who had to deal with the most difficult problems. The antagonist of the story was Curly. Her role in the story was that she was the dog that buck liked but got killed.

Three life skills that were showed in this story were: 1. Cooperation- This was showed when the dog's had to cooperate to get through most of their problems.

2. Responsibility- This was shown when Buck became leader of the pack and was responsible for making the dog's work how they are suppose to.

3. Effort- This was shown when Buck had to pull 150 pounds of stuff on the sled by himself.

He did not give up no matter how tired he was he just kept on trying.

Five new words I learned in this story are: 1.Fervently- To show great warmth of feeling 2.Erect-To construct 3.Vitality-Power to live 4.Surcharged-To over charge 5.Obscureness-Not easily seen My favorite character in the story is Buck. He is my favorite because he was a good leader and could keep everyone under control. He is also my favorite because he is the one who killed Spitz.

Yes, I would recommend this book to someone else because I enjoyed this book very much because how exciting it was, and maybe other people might like it to.

The Saddest part of the story was when Curly died. It was sad because she was killed y a bunch of wild wolves and she died early in the story.

Summary The story started out with a dog named Buck being kidnapped by two men.