Mountain Men Brewing company

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Mountain Man Brewing Company

Question #1: What has made MMBC successful? What distinguishes it?

Mountain Man Brewing Company has been successful up to this point for a few keys reasons. To begin with, they have very strong brand loyalty. Customers that enjoy their product are loyal and continue to support the lager as the continue to purchase the product. The general consumer of MMBC lager is the average working class individual, particularly, working class men. About 81% of consumption is from men. Another aspect that distinguishes MMBC is that a majority of the lager in consumed in home. It is shown in the records that 70% is consumed at the home. A final aspect of the product of MMBC is that the lager has a higher alcohol content as compared to other beers. These are a few of the way in which MMBC has been able to be successful in their business efforts.

Question #2: What has caused the sales decline?

The sales across MMBC have been declining for several reasons. For starters, there are many alternative beverages for consumers to choose from. If a product is not differentiated from another, a consumer may choose an alternative option for many different reasons. Another reason that sales have been declining is because in the general market there has been a shift towards light beer. This partially deals with health concerns of consumers, while they are trying to make healthier decisions on a daily basis. This would take away sales from a product such as Mountain Man Lager. Shelf space is also an issue facing MMBC. There are various companies competing for shelf space in stores and as a new product comes in, MMBC loses retail spaces which has a direct impact on sales. Finally, a tax increase has been imposed on...