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Please Read: I wrote this paper for a Conspiracy Theory class I'm taking. The teacher is a nut for JFK stuff, and I thought he might be super critical of my paper because he knew so much about the topic. When he handed my paper back he commented its thoroughness and brevity. He said he would have given the paper a 100 percent, but that it was a little short. Looking back, I could have improved this paper by covering more of Jim Garrison's (Kevin Costner) personal biography. The single bullet theory is probably the most debated piece of evidence in the JFK assassination. The krux of all the goverment's investigations stand on a single shooter (Lee Harvey Oswald), and if the single bullet theory was ever disproved, all evidence compiled by the government would have to be reviewed all over again. Long story short, I would have added more detail on the single bullet theory to add to the length of my paper.

There is so much information on the JFK assassination, it boggles my mind. Finding information on the interent (documents, diagrams, commentaries) on this subject is pretty easy.

JFK Movie CritiqueAfter lots of discussion in class about the JFK conspiracy, I decided I wanted to see some of the facts for myself. I'm not sure watching Hollywood films are the authority of uncovering the JFK conspiracy, but I think they did a nice job laying down the bigger issues of the case. Some of the facts covered in the movie were the "magic bullet" theory, the Grassy knoll, the role of Lee Harvey Oswald, and the role of other conspirators.

Oliver Stone's JFK was made in 1991, and it cover a period of years from 1961-1969. I think they did a nice job reflecting...