The movie School Ties deals with a young man, David

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The movie School Ties deals with a young man, David Greene, who faces many conflicts with his identity. In the movie David finds his identity through conflicts with society, friends, and most importantly, himself. This movie emphasizes the point that a person should not be judged by his or her background. The color or beliefs of a person does not make him who he is.

David is a Jewish boy growing up in a society where Judaism is not accepted. In the movie he chooses to lie about his religion so he does not have to deal with the hate. He lies in order to be accepted, but really he isn't accepting himself. In the movie he hides his Star of David necklace in a place no one can find it. This shows that he is willing to lie to his friends and all of the people around him in order to fit in.

David gets a scholarship to go to St. Matthews School for boys to play football.

He notices from the day he gets there that the boys are anti-Semitic. They are what causes David to hide his true identity. Instead of standing up for what he believes in, David decides to hide his Judaism from everyone.

He knows it is wrong to be lying to so many people, and he feels terrible throughout the movie for what he is doing. He did not recognize that his true friends would accept him for who he is, not his religion. When the boys find out that David is Jewish, they didn't want anything to do with him anymore. This shows they are not good friends. Because of the fact that he is Jewish, people think he would lie and therefore he was accused of cheating on a test in school. People did not see David for the athletic and bright young kid he was anymore.

Eventually the truth was revealed and David was found not guilty of what he was accused. He than realizes that it is okay to believe differently then other people do. This movie is a perfect example of the fact that a person can not be judged by their color, the amount of money they have, the way they talk, or even the things they believe. A persons true identity is who they are on the inside.